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How it Works

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ExcelSMS is an easy way to send bulk SMS messages straight from Microsoft Excel!  Easily create custom messages and contact all your clients or contacts without the hassles of creating an online database or using complex third party software.

Whether you would like to SMS your clients information on new products and service or if you would like to keep members of a sport club or community up to date, ExcelSMS can help you!

Our solution allows you to easily copy and paste all your contacts in an Excel workbook and start sending custom SMS messages immediately. All you have to do is register, load some prepaid credits and you are up and running.

ExcelSMS enables you to type your own SMS content and you can specify merged fields that you would like to use in your SMS.

        Here is an example where the red text is a name and topic that is replaced in a SMS: “Hi John, this week our topic of discussion is great Excel solutions”.

About Us
ExcelSMS was developed by Invantage, a young and innovative technology solution company. more

How it Works
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